7 minute read
How to de-risk your digital transformation as consumer behaviour shifts
Decreased performance and changing user needs – how a volatile environment can impact positively a digital transformation.
10 minute read
A Multimodal approach is the answer to voice.
Voice services have had a massive growth over the last few years, with a quicker adoption curve than even mobile experienced years earlier
By Gary Jobe
10 minute read
A three-steps process to post-lockdown agile CX
Phasing out of lockdown means that businesses need to change again - can agile CX help businesses stay afloat?
By Irene
10 minute read
Covid-19: how to be creative during times of crisis
In doing my research for this piece I’ve read a few other articles and have obviously been watching the news (between Netflix bingeing obviously) but If I hear read the line that we are now in unprecedented times again I’m going to go mental! So don’t worry, this is not going to be that sort of article!
By Jamie Lillywhite
10 minute read
Tomorrow, will we all be working in a virtual world?
Can working in new ways be realised during the current crisis and beyond?
By Gary Jobe
10 minute read
Covid-19: The new normal
How customer sentiment is shifting and what that means for brands
By Yann Gautier
10 minute read
Covid-19: how to optimize the cost of your cloud services ?
The upcoming unprecedented economic crisis will provide an opportunity to take advantage of another advantage of the cloud, by optimizing its costs, again through elasticity, but also through a few architectural elements. Here are a few examples and tips on how to best optimize your cloud services.
By Axel Pavageau
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