7 minute read
Increasingly companies need to transform the way they market, sell and service customers, and ensure that every customer engagement is most effective. So, what is needed to deliver a better Customer Experience (CX)?
By Bede Feltham
3 minute read
A quick introduction on a dedicated App built on top of Contentful to improve the overall experience and to optimize the usage of that great tool.
By Thomas Rabaix
6 minute read
In recent years, consumers have increasingly demonstrated the need to have more agency in their consumption choices.
By Elisha Bauer-Maison
6 minute read
An increasing number of essential services are shifting or achieving more online (or through the use of technology). Stay relevant, engaging and ahead of the curve by evolving your brand *with customers*.
By Liz Thomas
8 minute read
Personalisation at scale to deliver data-driven Next Best Actions (NBA) and Next Best Offers (NBO) with automated customer journeys using Salesforce Interaction Studio.
By Bede Feltham
10 minute read
Omnichannel marketing is a term that has been banded around for years – but its only now that marketeers and brands can truly start to deliver data driven omnichannel communication at scale.
By Ben Cockrell
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