9 minute read
In the fast-paced world of marketing, businesses continue to use campaigns as a key part of their strategy to reach audiences, ideally messaging them at the right time, in the right channel with the right offer.
By Shemaiah Cox
11 minute read
This is probably one of the most contentious subjects within marketing. Why? Because it normally aligns with budgets and spend allocation, and everyone has an opinion on how attribution is assigned. So, lets delve into what attribution is and how it is used.
By Nick Jordan
6 minute read
As the world becomes more digital and the amount of data grows and grows - it is approximately 30 times the size it was in 2020 compared to 2010 - more and more information will need to be sifted through.
By Martin Connor
5 minute read
Many businesses are overwhelmed by data and the metrics available to them, which they could use for measurement. A common trend we see with clients is in trying to measure everything.
By Elena Popov
12 minute read
Progressive Profiling is an approach to capturing data that can gradually help develop and build our understanding of a customer and their behaviour over time.
By Nick Jordan
10 minute read
Omnichannel marketing is a term that has been banded around for years – but its only now that marketeers and brands can truly start to deliver data driven omnichannel communication at scale.
By Ben Cockrell
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