How a chatbot can streamline your company’s Customer Service (if done right!)

A brand’s reputation is increasingly tangible with online product reviews, easy access to a brand via social media channels, with customers sharing good and bad experiences to a wider audience.
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By Sidney Udechukwu

A response to this changing landscape has been many organisations have implemented chatbots to remedy the influx of customers more willing to interact with brands immediately, via social channels or LiveChat. Responding via social or LiveChat relies on a human being to act as a real-time online brand representative, a chatbot is a computer program powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that allows organisations to interact with customers via a chat interface.


80 percent of brands plan to use chatbots by 2020

A survey by Oracle called ‘Can Virtual Experiences Replace Reality?’, found that 80 percent of brands plan to use chatbots by 2020. Chatbots have the potential to enhance your Customer Service by:

  • Interacting with your target audience 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and avoiding long waiting times for email, telephone and LiveChat

  • Handling a large volume of requests from thousands of users, whereas humans engaging via LiveChat communicate with a single individual

  • Driving insights into how your customers think, what they prefer in order to optimise products and services

  • Delivering low maintenance solution to quickly addressing common Customer Service enquiries by developing a thorough predefined script

Although automated Customer Service has become increasingly popular, customers can find chatbots unhelpful. A common factor being how complicated chatbots are, and not addressing core customer inquiries. The top three complaints about chatbots from the Gladly 2018 Customer Service Expectations Survey being:

  1. They take too long to provide answers to simple questions
  2. They provide unrelated information
  3. They can’t handle complex questions

Salesforce Einstein Bot

Choosing the right chatbot platform can also be daunting due to the number of vendors that have started up in the industry, however if your organisation is within the Salesforce ecosystem implementing a Service Cloud Einstein Bot is worth considering:

  • The Einstein Bot can send messages, ask questions and take actions based on defined rules and or customer input

  • With integration to the Salesforce ecosystem, Einstein Bot can tap into your Salesforce data - providing its good quality! - unlocking the potential to create advanced dialogue

  • Einstein Bot can be implemented in your organisation’s Android or iOS App

  • Einstein Bot builder is a point-and-click setup tool that allows users to build dialogs in a chatbot

  • Customers can be presented with predefined options in menus to simplify the interaction

So, if Customer Service is increasingly a priority (as it should be) as your business grows or pivots into exciting new territories, consider a chatbot but keep in mind it’s the Customer Service experience that should be a common denominator at each step.

Make or break

Customer Service has become a pivotal factor in business, as expectations are rising to the point that the quality of service can make or break your business. According to the Gladly 2018 Customer Service Expectations Survey:

  • 68% of consumers will pay more for goods and services from companies with a strong record of good Customer Service

  • 54% make decisions based on Customer Service, with 19% considering it the most important deciding factor

Top tips for a better chatbot

So how can you make your chatbot work better for your organisation and customers? If you’d like to get the most out of your chatbot, here are a few top tips:

  • Manage quick Customer Service requests with a chatbot solution that can switch to human agents to take on more complex inquiries, relying completely on automation isn’t the best use of a Chatbot

  • Set the expectations for your chatbot. Offer short instructions on how to interact with it. There should also be a defining but seamless link between your chatbot and any human interaction

  • Work jointly with departments and stakeholders to create a robust chatbot journey maps, with a decision tree reflecting the multiple ways that enquiries can be handled

  • Give users navigational options, using buttons to keep users on track via menus and suggestions that troubleshoot your most common Customer Service scenarios


Finally, think about your brand personality

Lastly, develop your Chatbot with a tone and personality to increase engagement. Think about your brand's voice, remain consistent and write engaging dialogue. Finally, remember that 92% of customers will switch to another company after 3 bad experiences, maybe even fewer.

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Sidney Udechukwu
CRM Technical Manager, ekino London.
Sidney Udechukwu is a BA (Hons) Marketing professional with over 8 years of digital experience in both client and agency side roles. A digital native with a track record of utilising various CRM systems from Pardot, Eloqua and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to exceed business goals.