About Hero Desktop

Our mission

We help our clients adapt to their ever-evolving business environment. In the increasingly fast, disruptive and highly competitive landscape, we collaborate with you to deliver powerful and flexible solutions, allowing your business to grow while staying in touch with your customers — real people, individuals with increasingly high expectations.

We’re passionate about these individuals. Because when every single person is important for your business, every one of their interactions matters. Our relentless obsession is to make their lives easier and their interactions more seamless. To engage with them at the right time, when it’s most relevant to them.

Understanding the problem

We believe that identifying the right problem to solve is often an overlooked step in a company’s digital strategy. Using the far-reaching experience and skill set of our diverse team, we look at a client’s problem holistically, approaching every challenge from a business, organisation, technology, and human perspective, and with its customers front of mind.

Leveraging data, we find true insights and 'aha!' moments to fuel creative solutions and turn the everyday into the exceptional.

Designing the solution

We deliver solutions that fit your needs today and tomorrow. Working with our “Design, Build & Improve” framework, based on principles from Service Design, Agile, and Data Measurement, we tailor solutions to your business strategy and objectives. We match the needs of global and complex organisations, while also empowering you to be more agile and adaptive.

Our approach means fresh eyes for every client — we don’t make assumptions or take shortcuts. For every piece of work, we ask:

  • Does it create real value?
  • Is it easy to understand and easy to use?
  • Does it help people achieve things in the real world?
  • Does it make people’s lives easier?

Our framework is designed to have a positive impact in each of these areas. We apply Agile principles with short iterations so that you’re never in the dark about the process, collaborate and mix your team with ours to provide transparency, put the end-user in the centre of each discussion, and close the loop with the data to support our approach.

By creating better experiences, we strengthen relationships between companies and their customers, and drive real business results.