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Technology enablement
Platform build and digital production (website and app)
Bespoke software development
Devops and cloud expertise
Marketing technology platform integration

Anyone can make an app, right?

Creating a website, app, digital platform or new digital product is relatively simple these days. But what is the right platform to build it on? How will it scale over time? How does it fit with your digital ecosystem? What if the developer isn't available to make the critical change you need? Will you have to re-engineer it from scratch every time you need to add a new feature? And what about making sure it's secure from cyber criminals?

As the needs of digital platforms grow exponentially, so does the complexity in making sure the strategy and execution behind your digital presence is right. Making the right decisions at the start of a project, delivering a solution that will meet changing and evolving business needs, and supporting that platform on an ongoing basis are all critical to success and making the most from your investment.

Building for the future

Working in partnership with our clients, ekino focuses on developing solutions that meet business challenges now and in the future. Understanding the individual project needs, and finding the right platform, technology or approach means that we aren't creating one-size-fits-no-one solutions. Whether we’re delivering a single landing page, a new digital product, or ensuring your marketing platforms are aligned for omnichannel, always on campaigns, our dynamic approach is tailored to your needs.

our services

Platform build and digital production (website and app)

Our front-end development team uses the most efficient technology to deliver a production-ready service on all devices used by your customers. We use tools and methodologies integrated with our design processes to deliver a consistent experience with rapid turnaround.

Bespoke software development

Meeting business objectives and maintaining brand identity should be one of the key focuses of your software and systems. We work with you to analyse and understand your business requirements, so that we can design the bespoke software you need from the ground up.

Devops and cloud expertise

The speed and the quality of your delivery is key to quickly adapt to new business challenges and deliver the best experience to your customers. Using DevOps tools and methodologies, we build automated production toolchains that reduce the risk and delay between your new idea and your customers.

Leveraging our expertise and partnerships with the world’s foremost Cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure) - we help you build or transition to a scalable, automated and cost efficient digital infrastructure.

Digital marketing platform integration

The cornerstone of your digital customer experience, we ensure your marketing platform is seamlessly integrated with your information system and third-party tools, helping to deliver personalised content and services to your audience. With a vendor-neutral approach, we help you select the right Web Experience, E-commerce or Marketing Automation platform and integrate it into your infrastructure.