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Unifying fragmented experiences into one global vision

Leading Beverage Brand Global Customer Experience
Aligning key markets
Creating a digital innovation strategy
Building an outstanding on/off trade channel program

The opportunity

This leading beverage brand has seen its offering expand from one iconic lager to thousands of drinks-related products. But whilst their offering has developed to meet the needs of its global markets the business itself still has room to evolve. For both on and off trade, it is heavily reliant on day-to-day, personal relationships established between customers, sales reps in the field, and contact centre staff. This was creating friction in a customer journey that was fragmented, resulting in many pain points and a resource-intensive process for the business.

With this issue in mind, the brand invited us to look at how digital could be used to enhance these relationships; challenging us to find ways in which we could provide their customers with a more seamless experience.

the approach

Using shared knowledge as a tool to inspire change.

The central challenge for a global business trying to drive transformation at this scale is complexity. Different markets have different product sets, ways of working and individual challenges, and specific pain points and opportunities along the customer journey often span multiple parts of the business. For example, a particular business challenge could involve sales, customer service, IT systems and digital marketing.

However, getting markets to unify globally is easier said than done, as each market has its own particular needs and nuances that they believe can’t be answered in one global vision. So rather than just focussing on their individual end-to-end journeys and pain points, we also looked at identifying points we could champion and align globally. Giving each of the markets a sense of ownership in what the global end-to-end customer journey would be.

To do this, we conducted workshops with key internal stakeholders, sales teams, IT staff, digital marketing and, perhaps most importantly, customers. This allowed us to understand the overall customer experience through each stage of the relationship: awareness, consideration, commitment, transaction and retention. To further interrogate and validate our learnings we then ran supplementary workshops across multiple markets, whilst cross referencing our findings through the analysis of internal customer data.

Carlsberg UX workshop 1
Carlsberg UX workshop 2
the outcome

By the end of this process, we had successfully aligned the key markets behind an extensive customer journey map, detailing motivations and pain points. This allowed us to identify and define both the quick wins and longer-term opportunities that could transform the customer journey.

Carlsberg UX workshop 3
Carlsberg UX workshop 4

Creating an actionable business vision.

The map then became the platform for a business strategy with clearly defined initiatives to improve customer satisfaction, retention and, ultimately, sales.

For example, using mobile technology to anticipate our partner buyers’ needs, and give them total control and flexibility over their inventory management. A digital revenue booster toolkit would also help them drive business by providing resources for staff training, product discovery, category trends and shopper insights. Other recommendations included bespoke loyalty programs for partners, powered by our audience insights.

Unifying all markets behind the ambition of building the best on/off trade channel program in the world.